“Is he coming? Is he? Oh God, I think he is.”

For 198 minutes, Anders Breivik terrorised the island of Utøya (August 2012)

“The shooter is near him now, down on South Point. The bangs are impossibly loud. Adrian remains completely still, but he opens his eyes. He sees a girl, stripped to her underwear and knee-deep in the lake, crying hysterically. A hole appears in her back. Then a second one. The girl is still screaming and still stumbling farther into Tyrifjorden, and then she goes quiet and tumbles over. Adrian notices the water is red.” Image Credit

Sean Flynn | GQ

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The A-Team killings

Were US special forces involved in the notorious killing of ten Afghan villagers? (November 2013)

“As the two pleaded their innocence, one of the Americans came over and shoved Omar up against the wall, punching him. Omar says he watched as Kandahari marched Gul Rahim about a dozen yards away, and as the Americans looked on, the translator raised his pistol to the back of Gul Rahim’s head and fired three shots. When Kandahari turned and strode toward Omar, pointing his pistol at him, Omar fainted. When he came to minutes later, he was being dragged into a Humvee.” Image Credit

Matthieu Aikins | Rolling Stone

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Number one with a bullet

On India’s Kaziranga National Park and its ‘shoot on sight’ anti-poaching policy (August 2011)

“Unlike most guards in most parks in India, they were armed. And they had license to kill. Pegu saw the guards first and opened fire. Missed. The guards took cover. As the shooting continued, one guard calmly raised his antique .303 Lee Enfield rifle to his shoulder, lined up Pegu in his sights, and blew his head off. Pegu’s accomplice was shot in the hip by another guard. An hour later, he, too, had died “from his injuries,” according to the park’s report.” Image Credit

Rowen Jacobsen | Outside

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The shooter

On the man who shot and killed Osama bin Laden (February 2013)

“Since Abbottabad, he has trained his children to hide in their bathtub at the first sign of a problem as the safest, most fortified place in their house. His wife is familiar enough with the shotgun on their armoire to use it. She knows to sit on the bed, the weapon’s butt braced against the wall, and precisely what angle to shoot out through the bedroom door, if necessary. A knife is also on the dresser should she need a backup.” Image Credit

Phil Bronstein | The Center for Investigative Reporting

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The chickens and the bulls

The rise and fall of the extortion ring that preyed on gay men in 1960s New York. (July 2012)

“Sometimes the thugs carried real guns and used real badges. But in New York, where penalties for police impersonation and criminal possession of a weapon were stiff, the thugs often flashed fake badges and either didn’t carry a gun, or carried toy pistols, instead. The fact that at the time real corrupt detectives were known to employ similar “fairy shaking” techniques only made these bulls more believable.” Image Credit

William McGowan | Slate

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The pariah

The man who was ruined by his revelations about the CIA (September 1998)

“For a holy warrior, October 27, 1986, was a bad day. At the debriefing after the raid, Berrellez remembers one of the cops saying that the houses had been tipped to the raid by “elements of the CIA.” And he thought, What? “I was shocked,” he says now. “I was in a state of belief.” He was supposed to believe that his own government was helping dopers? No way. “I didn’t want to believe,” he says. And so he didn’t. He was that rock-solid first-generation citizen, and he believed in America.” Image Credit

Charles Bowden | Esquire

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No animals were harmed

Investigation into the “No Animals Were Harmed” trademark (November 2013)

“…unbeknownst to the public, these incidents on Hollywood’s most prominent productions are but two of the troubling cases of animal injury and death that directly call into question the 136-year-old Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit’s assertion that “No Animals Were Harmed” on productions it monitors. Alarmingly, it turns out that audiences reassured by the organization’s famous disclaimer should not necessarily assume it is true.” Image Credit

Gary Baum | The Hollywood Reporter

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Two minutes to midnight

Enduringly powerful eyewitness account of Robert Kennedy’s assassination (June 1968)

“America the Beautiful: with crumby little mini-John Waynes carrying guns to the woods like surrogate penises. Yes: the kid I saw shoot Kennedy was from Jordan, was diseased with some fierce hatred for Jews. Sam Yorty, who hated Kennedy, now calls Kennedy a great American and blames the Communists. Hey Sam: you killed him too. The gun that kid carried was American. The city where he shot down a good man was run by Sam Yorty. How about keeping your fat pigstink mouth shut.” Image Credit

Pete Hamil | Village Voice

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Into the black

The story of one of New Zealand’s worst maritime disasters

“Then Reedy heard it. It sounded like a jet engine. It was a roar from the starboard side. He could not see it coming but within seconds he felt it. The entire deck was swamped. He heard Odin scream and then nothing. The water was up to his waist. Then the Easy Rider heeled back and over. In an instant it was upside down and pots and ropes were all around him. Reedy went under. He flailed and tried to grab a rope.” Image Credit

Charles Anderson | Stuff

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Jetpacks: here’s why you don’t have one

The science that explains why you still don’t travel to work on a jetpack

“Rocket engines ARE types of jet engines, as far as the physics is concerned, but most jet engines don’t produce imposing pillars of flame. If you’re on a flight and an engine is blasting out fire, the correct response is not “that looks cool”. But even if they aren’t as flesh-searing as rockets, there are still problems with jetpacks. Gravity is the major issue.” Image Credit

Dean Burnett | Brain Flapping

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